Are you in constant pain?

Fed up with doctors, medicines, exercise?

I am a pain expert who can help you! As someone suffering from chronic pain you need a safe, long-term solution for controlling pain. This includes proper management of prescription pain medication. I can help people experiencing chronic back pain, headaches, shoulder & knee pain, joint pain, chest pain, cancer pain and many other pain conditions to get relief.

At Cure Your Pain, I utilize modern pain management practices such as neurology, psychology, complementary medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy, and more in a complete, approach to managing pain. Helping to make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, I help patients find their way through the multiple options for diagnostics, like x-rays, MRIs, ultrasound and bone scans to get to the root cause of pain.

Once your pain is clearly identified and properly diagnosed. From there, I bring together all the pain treatment options that make sense for you. You'll discuss those options and create a custom treatment program to get your pain under control.

Everyone's pain is different so a personalized approach will be the most effective way to manage your pain. Your pain can change over time. I will be there for you to answer questions and address any concerns.

Dr. Nancy P. Miller
Cure Your Pain
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